Diet only 4 days

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Are you bored with your diet program that never worked. Now there is a short diet, that diet is only 4 days. Is it true? We see more info on diet only 4 days.

Meaning only 4 day diet

Indeed the title only 4-day diet, but rather it is meant. Diet only 4 today have as many as seven stages of the stage that you can know. This means that in only 4 days of this diet to produce a fallow body down to 5.5 pounds in a month.

In terms of food you do not need to count calories you when eating. However, you must categorize the food eaten and also sports a suit. Many are often people who go on a diet led to despair. Almost all said it was not effective, so make the bored. The thing that makes them bored in general is the food they eat.

With only 4 days a diet all the right to change the way his diet. With only 4 day diet, you can suppress hunger, and other problems that are obstacles for you to successfully lose weight.

Before we go on a diet we must face ourselves psychologically. We have to think to lose weight, think like a slim person, and looked at the success of losing weight even further.

Daily menu diet for 4 days

For foods that can be eaten in the diet with only 4 days is green vegetables, yogurt, low fat dairy, and fruits. Vegetables are chosen do not contain starch, bean, brown rice. It is forbidden to eat meat, fat can only be allowed on the salad oil and low fat content.

Here's the daily menu on a diet with only 4 days.

Phase I:

• 2 cups of coffee (sugar is limited to one packet; cream or milk just one teaspoon per cup)
• 2 cups green vegetables, either raw or cooked
• 1 cup of fresh lemonade with sugar in the wring no more than 1 teaspoon
• 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk
• 4 servings of fruit
• 6 ounces nonfat yogurt
• 2 cups salad greens with 3 teaspoons of fat-free dressing
• 1 cup cooked beans (chickpeas, lentis, etc)
• 1.5 cup brown rice
• Water is not limited

Phase II:

With the second phase you can recognize your new diet. You can be satisfied with just 1300 calories per day. The second phase of this menu include:

• 3 servings of fruit
• 4 cup raw vegetables
• 1 cup beans
• 4 ounces of fish or poultry
• a diet soda
• 2 snack from the list with 50 kinds of options, including low-fat cheese, fruit, nuts, roast beef, and some comfort foods such as marshmallows and pudding

Phase III:

You can add meat, dairy, and eggs in small portions to reduce excess weight. It can also make you not feel bored in the diet. The third phase of the menu include:

• 2 eggs or egg whites
• 1 strip of turkey bacon
• 2 servings of fruit
• 1 cup raw vegetables and 2 servings of cooked vegetables
• a sandwich with meat and 1 teaspoon low-fat mayo
• 1 cup beans
• 1 cup brown rice

Phase IV:

After that the result you will be able to learn some things about the normal portions and healthy eating habits. You are allowed to eat foods that are at intermediate scale. Menu Phase IV include:

• pizza
• burger

Phase V:

In the fifth phase of the diet that you reverse the truth. Examples of special food for one day more in the fifth phase are:

• 3 servings of fruit and 1 cup beans
• 2 cups green salad
• 2 cups carrots
• 1 cup fresh lemonade
• 5 ounces of skinless poultry
• 2 servings of cooked vegetables

Phase VI:

You can add your food menu with:

• 2 pancakes
• 2 pieces of fruit
• Green tea
• 2 cups green salad
• 1 cup vegetable soup
• 2 servings of cooked vegetables
• 5 ounces of fish
• a diet soda

Phase VII:

This phase can help you reduce your weight within a few pounds. A good example of food eaten:

• 3 pieces of fruit
• half cucumber slices
• 3 cups salad greens
• 1 1 / 2 cups soup
• 2 servings of cooked vegetables
• 2 snack

That's according to the stages on the menu daily according to diet with only 4 days. Good luck!

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