10 things that derail a diet

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What about your diet during this? Did it work or not? If it fails again means there is an error you do when dieting. Things like that derail diet.

Here are 10 things that derail your diet, among others:

Derail a diet : Making the nuts as a snack

Compared with spicy foods such as snacks, nuts can make you long-lasting in suppressing hunger. Nuts are also rich in nutrients and fiber. In addition, also nuts contain high calories and fat. If you are holding nut, the same as 150 calories. So it is advised to consume only a few grains of beans alone so as not to be blobs of fat on our bodies.

Derail a diet : Considering body weight each day

Water in our bodies can lead to weight changes that are always changing. So you better weigh every day so that we can know how much weight to descend. This is an effective way.

Derail a diet : Eating fruit

The fruit is very good in those who consumed a diet. Contained fibers are difficult to digest until no lumps of fat raises. Fiber in fruit can also make us full lama.But resistant, you can eat a little protein to effect full member.

Derail a diet : Drinking extra calories

If you drink a cappuccino contains 120 calories coupled with 8 grams of fat and milk of eight cups of tea the same as 400 calories. So it is advisable to replace the milk with skim milk containing 20 calories every cup.

Derail a diet : Eating chicken skin

Actually, replace meat with chicken or other poultry is actually a good thing. But, do not eat the skin. Because the skin on poultry contain lots of fat.

Derail a diet : Changing the diet drinks

Drinking drinks that contain zero calories. Because if it contains artificial sweeteners, then you will continue to feel hungry and unsatisfied.

Derail a diet : Vegetable salad dressing

Salads containing fruit and vegetables is very good. However, the problem is the marinade. Because it will make you experience weight gain.

Derail a diet : A strict diet of boring without tolerance

Allowed diet hard, but must also members leeway in our bodies with certain limitations.

Derail a diet : Selecting a diet

Low-fat foods usually contain foods low in sugar and fruit instead of high concentration. This makes us confused. So you are advised to choose foods that are right for you when dieting.

Derail a diet : Abstinence fat

The last thing 10 things that derail a diet. Although our diets, but we also need to consume fat so that body condition as well be comfortable. If you have a low fat content in low-calorie diet can lose weight.

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