Tips to lose weight with Honey

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Weight loss tips with honey is not wrong, because it can also be used for dieting. If done regularly can reduce your weight, even for people who are severely obese, it is advisable to drink honey regularly. This is due, as it will prevent the fat accumulates in the body, but can still eat high-calorie foods. At night, you can drink two tablespoons before dinner.

Content of honey for lose weight

When compared with the same amount of sugar, honey calorie content of only 40% is much lower. So the honey can not cause obesity, although honey contains sugar. Another way to lose weight is still in terms of using honey as a factor is by drinking a glass of boiled water with honey and cinnamon powder every morning for 30 minutes before breakfast or when stomach is empty. Do it regularly and you can see the results. In addition to providing great energy, honey is also not causing obesity. So, consume approximately one to two tablespoons of honey.

How to lose weight with honey

For another way of losing weight that is still associated with honey is that you can by drinking 3-4 tablespoons of honey in the morning and you can add one or two tablespoons around 10 am. Not only that, honey can also offset your activities all day energy without the need to satisfy the appetite which can cause you to be obese.

One tablespoon of honey contains 65 calories. Means if we take two spoons of honey in the morning, might as well get the energy intake to activity for 2-3 hours. This is a great way for you to not be hungry during the day because the energy is still sufficient for your body. Honey contains a very large element rather than sugar. However, honey is very different. Because the sugar in the honey producing increased stamina and strength which makes us able to withstand hunger, not to cause the accumulation of fat.

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