6 Tricks to Overcome Bad Habits

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6 tricks to overcome bad habits. The pattern of eating is a habit that is very dependent on the people who live with us, or 'friends hanging out' our daily lives. Depending also on where we live, and our emotions. Beware of unusual situations that encourage you to overeat.

Without us knowing our eating habits are 'bad' can lead to excessive calorie intake. Such as eating fast, eating with a big mouthful. Eat when tense or bored, spend large portions of food when not hungry.

Overcome Your Bad Habits

Here are 6 tricks to overcome your bad habits.

1. Do not eat while doing other work, such as watching television, reading. Eat only at the dinner table, not in front of the refrigerator while standing.

2. Do not eat quickly. Chewing slowly gives us time to recognize satiety. Do not eat with your hands, use eating utensils. Cut food in small slices. Do not fill your fork first to fill your mouth swallowed up.

3. Do not buy high-calorie foods that can be a problem. Shop with a grocery list to prevent hungry eyes. Avoid shopping with children.

4. Plan meals in advance, hang in there with a menu that you choose.

5. Plan a strategy to avoid eating and drinking without controlled at feasts, or when emotions force you snacking. Keep repeatedly in your mind, what would you do in such situations. Remind yourself several times a day that you can control your actions and that you can be assertive. Find advice or training on a variety of strategies such as these.

6. Promise yourself, each time when you feel the urge to snacking you will engage in an activity that you abstain from food, such as walking, brushing your teeth. Call a friend. When you eat out of boredom. Look for a new hobby or new interest that requires you to leave the house you can even enroll in a course.

Note: People who are troubled and suffering from an eating disorder habits should do the counseling. Ask for a referral from your doctor for treatment to a specialist.

How do you have one of the above that I mentioned? That's my post this time, thanks for reading 6 tricks to overcome bad habits.

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