What is diet

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Many of us go on a diet. But, if you own already know what is diet. Diet is someone which regulates the amount of food he eats each day to aim to reduce weight. This diet must be completely committed or it can be said to have a strong intention and patience. Why is that, the diet has resulted in some long, but very satisfying.

What is diet

There is also a sense of what other diet that you can know. Diet is a weight loss efforts by regulating the intake of calories and nutrients needed by the body.

Many dietary goals are carried out by the crowd. For example a diet to lose weight to get the ideal body, with weight loss diet to gain muscle, or also a diet with things that are not permissible, for example those with diabetes are prohibited from consuming sugar.

Factors that influence body weight

Many factors can influence body weight, for example:

1. Internal factors

Internal factor is derived from within the body that can not be seen by the eye direct. Examples of internal factors, among others:

a. genetic

genetic factor in what is diet is crucial. If we are born to obese offspring born then we will also be obese. But, if we are born of the seed of the ideal or lean body then we will also have an ideal or lean body.

b. thermal regulation

warm-blooded human being has a nature so as to spend energy to maintain body temperature.

c. metabolism

Metabolism on what is diet also affects your weight. Metabolism which is the determinant of your diet. If you smooth in terms of metabolism, the fat will not accumulate in your body. However, if you are not fluent in the metabolism, then you are not overweight.

2. External factors

This factor comes from outside the body. Which can also be seen with the eyes directly. Examples of external factors, among others:

a. Physical Activity

on articles of what is diet physical activity also determines your diet. Because the physical activity you can burn a lot of fat. It is indeed a very nice thing to do.

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