The Right Foods to Lose Weight

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Are you still concerned about your weight? While exercising, try to accept food and drinks that can accelerate weight loss by speeding up metabolism. The choice is really varied, and the food is far from the shadow of the fun you are about food. Here's the right food to lose weight.

Right foods to lose weight : Cheese

Women who ate 28 grams of fat abundant cheese (about the size of your thumb) every day, their weight tends to be lower than those who do not eat cheese. Than it appears that the cheese is dairy products with high levels of fat-containing abundance of conjugated linoleic acid, which can promote metabolism. Make the foods that increase your appetite. Examples of suitable consumed as cheese, 28 grams of ricotta cheese, which contains about 49 calories and 4 grams of fat, and has the lowest sodium content than other cheeses. You can mix ricotta cheese with pasta and vegetables that you create, or add with bottled tomato sauce to add flavor.

Right foods to lose weight : Almond

Almond is also the right foods to lose weight. Snacking on almonds great for fat burning process. People who consume a diet of almonds 85 grams per day (about 12 grains), body weight and body mass index decreased 18 percent. While those who do not eat almonds in the diet only reduces weight by 11 percent. When snacking almonds you will not be so hungry, and after the effect you do not have lunch in excess. For your info, almond accommodate alpha-linolenic acid, which speeds up fat metabolism.

Right foods to lose weight : Coffee

Levels of caffeine in a cup of coffee for your metabolism speed up to 15 percent, the average of 15-25 additional calories burned. Researchers do not know whether the coffee has a big advantage, but they are useful to know the coffee is black coffee without sugar and milk. In addition, should also increase drinking water.

Right foods to lose weight : Pepper and Chile

As you know, the acidity of ambrosial in chili and was acquired by the compounds, namely kapkaisin. These compounds can help you burn fat and 100 calories per day. Experts say kapkaisin bound to nerve receptors, fat burning and sending a signal to the brain.

Right foods to lose weight : Green Tea

Drinking three cups of tea per day to increase metabolism and burn 30 calories per day. This benefit is derived from a compound suspected of ECGC, and burning extra to lose weight about 1.3 kg per year. If you do not like the bitterness of green tea, you can add a little honey. Or, enjoy green tea with extra fruit. But still, no sugar.

Right foods to lose weight : Eggs

Amino acids in the egg white helps build muscle which will help drive the metabolism. For breakfast, scrambled eggs made from egg white by adding cheese to help the fat burning process. Eating eggs for breakfast also has another benefit: people who consume lots of fatty foods leih burn fat than people who eat breakfast a lot of carbohydrates. Experts say that eating less fat early will help you burn more body fat throughout the day.

Right foods to lose weight : Portobello Mushrooms

These mushrooms contain the minerals copper and pantothenic acid, which helps strengthen the metabolism. In addition, the portobello is also high in potassium and minerals proven to eliminate salt from the body that cause flatulence. To enjoy the portobello, you can make this fungus as the right foods to lose weight such as, processed into mushroom kebab or burger stuffing.

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