Diet with Fruits

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Today many body slimming products, but also unsafe for the body. Because, many contain chemicals that can bring a variety of diseases in the body. So, one way with a natural diet is a diet with fruits and vegetables. Diet with fruits is diet which can lose weight naturally.

What is diet with fruits

Diet with fruits is programs are very effective and efficient to use fruits and vegetables as the main thing. This program is better, because fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber which is also an important dietary component. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables which also has the advantage, namely by preventing cancer and heart disease.

Mistakes made in the diet

There are some mistakes you made in the diet, such as:

1. Spacing breakfast

Breakfast with choosing the right foods in the morning is essential for supplying energy to do the routines. Choose foods that are high in fiber. Reduce carbohydrates, eat fruit and vegetables such as oranges, apples, mangoes, and green vegetables are good for health.

2. Eating with excessive fat content

Actually, it's fat-free foods are not necessarily low-calorie foods.

3. consumption of Salad

Contain a high calorie salad. Any good food such as hamburgers if filled with a lot of vegetables, and cheese, and crusty bread also has a high calorie.

4. Selecting fruit juice rather than eating directly

Eating fruit is directly compared with current consume into juice better. Because the fiber is absorbed is higher than when the juice.

5. Tighten the consumption of calories

The body needs eraser 1200-1500 calories a day. If you do the tightening of calories, then it will slow down your metabolism and not infrequently can cause anemia.

Waiting, change your current diet with a diet with fruits that are more natural and healthful.

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