Sex - a powerful way to burn calories

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DIET tight but the agency still far from slim body?. It is better to consider other effective ways to burn calories diligently to have sex.

Desperately to join a yoga class every morning and night, jogging around the neighborhood twice a week and cycling regularly at weekends, but the agency still fat? For women of course this issue became a problem worst.

To be free from weight, why not replace it with your sports power supply and rushed her to the sexual agenda. Do not be surprised to hear it first. For some people will probably laugh at this idea. But you know, if you actually had sex for 30 minutes can burn over 150 calories which is equivalent to a plateful of potato chips.

Sexologists from India, Dr Raj Brahmbhatt said, sex is a moderate exercise like brisk walking. Therefore, sex is considered as an exercise and not just a mere act of pleasure. But of course they do not rely solely on sex is done. So that was quoted Idiva.

Dr Raj added, the effectiveness of sex to burn calories very influential on how powerful sex that you do.

"It's better if both partners are really involved in a stage per stage, so that all joints muscles come into play. The effect is if the sexual activity you are doing effectively, then not only calories are burned, but also you will look more physically fit, "he said.

Since you often can not resist the temptation and dragged the unhealthy foods, here are some burning alternative that you can do.

- Feeling guilty for eating 537 calories of bread and other foods.

Be prepared to fill an hour into the future with a solid sexual activity to help burn calories by 300 calories. If not, you can do great things like eliminating the former bra with two hands that help you lose 8 Calories. If you want more, delete it with a mouth stroke with a partner which can burn 8.7 calories or 18 calories as well as if done with one hand.

- You can not help themselves by eating fungus which is equivalent to 100 calories.

Soon the couple kissing in repeatedly, because the smell can help burn 2.5 calories per minute. So, an hour kissing her passionately to help you burn approximately 150 calories.

- Being in the middle of the party hubbub makes you tempted to eat hot sambosa. This is equivalent to 256 calories.

As a fee, you can burn calories with a combination of foreplay and sex are pretty intense. Foreplay as much as 15 minutes can help you burn 30 calories and you can get rid of 290 calories by doing 45 minutes of sex with your partner.

Apparently, not just calories that count with numbers, but also sex. Keep in mind, having sex three times a week to scrape calories 5 to 6 pounds per year. Enough to make you fit right?

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