Diet success for the big belly

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Some people feel uncomfortable because belly sticking out from behind the clothes. They also perform a variety of ways for that cause belly fat can be removed.

How to diet for big belly

Here are some easy tips from the editor of health magazine Prevention, Liz vaccariello and Cynthia Sass. The tips are published in the January 2011 edition.

- You should eat no more than 400 calories per day.
- Do not let your stomach empty more than 4 hours.
- Ensuring food with a single unsaturated fats into the food.
- When stressed, the body will release hormone cortisol which will encourage the emergence of fat in the abdomen. By controlling the stress in life, auto fat in your stomach would be reduced.
- Find support from people around you. Invite friends to join your healthy intentions.
- Write down what food you eat every day, and amounts so that you are aware of to reduce them.

Congratulations makes your stomach more slender.

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